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Current Issue: Vol. 39 Issue 4

Journal of Nursing Sciences Journal of Nursing Sciences

Table of content

Effect of Line Dance Exercise on Physical Performance and Balance Ability in Older Adults
Factors Influencing Weight Gain in Patients with Post-renal Transplantation
Effects of Breastfeeding Skill Training Program on Efficiency, Self-efficacy, and Exclusive Breastfeeding Rate among First-time Adolescent Mothers
Factors Influencing Behaviors in Preventing COVID-19 of Teachers and Caregivers in Child Care Centers
Caregiversí Needs and Met Needs for Involvement in Pain Relief from Needle-related Medical Procedure in Children at PICU: Perceived by Caregivers and Nurses
Learning Outcomes and Desired Characteristics of Graduates in Regular and Bilingual Groups of Bachelor Program in Nursing Science, Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University
Parentsí Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices towards Antibiotic Use in Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Cambodia
Nursing Science Journal of Thailand Index 2021


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