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Journal Policies

Focus and Scope of Journal

The Nursing Science Journal of Thailand is the double-blinded and peer-reviewed journal of Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University. The Journal is published quarterly aiming at serving as a forum for exchanging ideas, experience, and knowledge relevant to nursing and health care with potential to advance knowledge for practice, education, management or policy. The Journal welcomes the submission of original research articles, review articles, articles on methodological issues and ethical dilemmas, commentaries on previous articles published in the Journal, and clinical studies in all areas of nursing. Either Thai or English is accepted as the language of writing.


Review Policy

All manuscripts are subject to a double blind peer review; that is, both authors and at least two reviewers identified are concealed during the review process. The decision to publish a submitted manuscript is based on an editorial assessment and peer review. Our policy is that the reviewers' role is to advise the editor-in-chief but it is the latter who makes the final decision. The Journal reserves the right to edit all manuscripts to its style and space requirements.

Review Guidelines

All submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editor for adherence to page limitations and content appropriate for the journal. Manuscripts will then be sent out anonymously to at least two members of an expert panel for review. When the reviews are returned, the editor read the paper again and identifies any further modifications needed before the paper can be accepted. Accepted manuscripts with comments will be returned for revision prior to sending to the publisher for typesetting.

Reviewers may recommend one of the following options when assessing each manuscript:

  • Accept with minor revision refers to changes that can be made easily and the revised manuscript should be resubmitted within 3 weeks;
  • Accept with major revision involves major restructuring of the manuscript and the revised manuscript may take several weeks to resubmit;
  • Rejection is where revision is so major that the revised paper is likely to be substantially different from the original manuscript and/or the manuscript is fatally flawed.

Review Form

A review form for research articles includes comments and recommendations from reviewers on the following: title, abstract and keywords, introduction/background, purpose(s) of the study, methodology, findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations, references, writing style and format.


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