Library User Satisfaction Survey

Please select the library which you use most often.
The Nursing Information and Knowledge Centre (Salaya)
The Faculty of Nursing Library (Bangkok Noi)
Nursing Dormitory Library (Bang Khunnon)
Part 1  Your library experience
1.What is your position/status?
Specify other status
Master’s degree student, please specify your area of specialty or your courses study.
Doctoral student , please specify your courses study.
2.How often do you visit our library.
Specify other reasons
3.Please chose the purpose(s) of your visit of our library (select all that apply).
To borrow/return books To Read/work To use library computers
To use WIFI To use individual/group study room To use Mahidol Book Delivery service
To make request for articles/documents To ask for information To use literature searching service
To use reference service/help desk To hold a meeting To relax

Part 2  Please choose your level of satisfaction towards services provided by our libraries.
Level of Satisfaction :  Excellent [5]    Good [4]    Average [3]    Poor [2]   Very Poor [1]

service level
1.Library staffs provide services with care, politeness, and is willing to help.
2.Library staffs have professional knowledge and skills.
3.Library staffs understand users' need, can answer your questions and help solving your problems.
4.Library operating hours.
5.Library spaces and seats. (e.g., study area, reading room, individual/group study room, quiet zone, relaxing zone etc.)
6.Library computers.
7.Learning environment, including lighting and temperature in libraries.
8.Libraries provide enough facilities (e.g., power outlets, WIFI).
9.Library areas are clean & tidy.
10.Safe and secure environment for users.
11."Printed books/textbooks" are adequate and fit your purposes.
12."Printed journals/magazines" are adequate and fit your purposes.
13."e-book databases" are adequate and fit your purposes.
14."e-journal databases" are adequate and fit your purposes.
Part 3  Overall satisfaction and other suggestions.  
Your overall satisfaction towards the library services.
Please tell us what we should do in order to improve our library and the services provided.
Part 4  Please describe your dissatisfaction towards library services listed below.
1.Your dissatisfaction regarding library staff services.
2.Your dissatisfaction regarding textbooks/journals/other materials, and/or computer for database searching.
3.Your dissatisfaction regarding environment of the library.
4.Other areas where you feels should be improved.

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