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The Faculty of Nursing, Mahidol University offers different levels of nursing programs, which are as follows:

  1. Bachelor of Nursing Science Program

  2. Master of Nursing Science Programs There are 6 programs of Master of Nursing Science (M.N.S.):
    1. Adult Nursing
    2. Community Nurse Practitioner
    3. Gerontological Nursing
    4. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
    5. Midwifery
    6. Pediatric Nursing
  3. Master of Nursing Science Program (International Program) which offers the following tracks:
    1. Adult Nursing
    2. Community Health Nursing*
    3. Gerontological Nursing*
    4. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing
    5. Midwifery*
    6. Nursing Administration*
    7. Pediatric Nursing

    Remark: * not available in academic year 2018.

  4. Doctor of Nursing Science Program

  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (International Collaborative Program)

  6. Nursing Specialty Programs (4-month Training Programs)


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