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          Siriraj Nurses' Alumni Association were founded in 1962, as the association for alumni from Siriraj School of Nursing and Midwifery (currently is the Faculty of Nursing Mahidol University) with the first President, Khun Ying Pinpakpittayapate. The objectives of the alumni were as follows:

  1. To promote affectionate tie between alumni of the school.
  2. To promote and exchange knowledge and experiences pertaining to nursing education and practice among members.
  3. To maintain professional code of ethics in nursing practice
  4. To promote and support activities of school.
  5. To establish professional trusts and provide support to the public.

          The Alumni perform those activities to meet the above objectives by the following Board of Director:

Miss. Thitiporn Vassara

Miss. Prachid Sarathaphan

Associate Professor Dr.Siriorn Sindhu
Miss.Prachid Sarathaphan
First Vice President
Associate Professor Praornuch Tulyatorn

Second Vice President
Mrs. Prapee Rattanaporn

Miss. Poranee Prakobkul
Lecturer. Phichet Wongrot
General Secretary
Miss. Pitchuda Wiratpintu

Assist. General Secretary
Assistant Professor Wandee Tosuksri

Miss. Siriwan Boonthitikul
Lecturer. Pasitta Ondee
Miss. Poolsiri Aroonnade

Assist. Treasurer
Lecturer. Pasitta Ondee

Associate Professor. Thanomkwan Thaweeboon
Lecturer. Saovaros Meekusol
Associate Professor. Thanomkwan Thaweeboon

Assist. Hospitality
Mrs Seeda Sutjaratkul

Miss. Poonsiri Arunneatara
Miss. Amporn Kongjeera
Miss. Yuwadee Jangjit

Assist. Registrar
Miss. Sunanta Singharajwarapan

Associate Professor. Thanomkwan Thaweeboon
Assistant Professor. Ajchariya Pongnumkul
President of Educational Committe
Assistant Professor. Atirat Wattanapailin

Assist. President of Educational Committe
Assistant Professor. Aroonratsamee Boonnang 

Mrs. Prapee Rattanaporn
Mrs.Nongluck Vitayavisavasakul
President of Public Relations
Mrs. Kearkool Tamechawara

Assist. President of Public Relations
Mrs.Mayuree Promsuwan

Miss.Siriwan Chudapongse
Mrs.Wanna Plooksawasdi
President of Members' Welfare Committee
Miss.Siriwan Chudapongse

Assist. President of Members' Welfare Committee
Mrs.Wanna Plooksawasdi

Mrs. Arom Onwan
Mrs.Sirikul Jindapon
President of Fund Raising Committee
Mrs. Mayuree Wongsamee

Assist. President of Fund Raising Committee
Mrs.Suporn Likidtam

Assistant Professor.Kakanang Naksawasdi
Dr.Surapa Roddej
President Of Research Award And Excellence Alumni Award Committee
Miss Jirawan Praymanee

Assist. President Of Research Award And Excellence Alumni Award Committe
Dr.Surapa Roddej

Associate Professor.Pannipa Thamaviraj
Mrs. Kobkhun Sitthichai
Assist.Prof.Ajchariya Pongnumkul

Lecture Saowaros Meekuson

Lecturer. Thongchai Lekkumporn
Miss. Aovyporn Ongetpon
Mr. kuntichai Chuesat

Miss. Aovyporn Ongetpon


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